March 7, 2022
  |  By: U68

Review: Revell 1/100-scale Snap-Tite Harrier GR7

During a recent trip to my local hobby shop, I came across Revell’s 1/100-scale Snap-Tite Harrier GR7 for around $8. Not wanting to pass up the opportunity for an affordable kit, I brought the Harrier home with me and found it to be a very easy and enjoyable kit to build.

Despite its low cost, there were no real issues I found with the kit. Like most Revell scale models, the Harrier was produced with high-quality materials and the comprehensive instruction manual was easy to follow and understand.

I appreciated that this kit was pre-painted and had many of the small insignias applied right out of the box. While I enjoy painting and adding details to my kits, weather can make painting tricky, especially in the winter.

I highly recommend this kit to any beginner to intermediate-scale modeler or wargaming enthusiast as it is an easy and affordable kit that can be assembled quickly that will still look good on the shelf or in a diorama.

Gallery: Revell 1/100 Snap-Tite Harrier GR7

If you are interested in purchasing the Revell 1/100 Scale Snap-Tite Harrier GR7 for yourself, it's available on Amazon and in many hobby shops.

I hope you found this review to be helpful and hope to see you again soon!

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