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Coming Soon: Tamiya 1/48 Dornier Do 335 A Pfeil w/ Kubelwagen Type 82
Recently, Tamiya released information regarding a new scale model set featuring both a 1/48-scale Dornier Do 335 A Pfeil and a 1/48-scale Type 82 Kubelwagen (#25206). The model kit set is made from parts originating from older Tamiya kits, including model number 61074 and model 32501. The model set ...
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Featured: Trumpeter 1:35 Scale Soviet D-74 122mm Field Gun
If you’re a fan of large Soviet artillery, I have a kit that may pique your interest. I’d like to introduce you all to Trumpeter’s 1:35 scale D-74 122mm Field Gun, a scale replica of a very successful artillery piece produced by the Soviet Union in the 1950s. This appears to be a high-quality ...
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Final Touches: Panzer Art 1/35 Scale StuG IV Casemate w/ Concrete Armour
If you are looking to add a sense of uniqueness to some of your future models and dioramas, particularly projects featuring the German StuG IV as its subject, I have the perfect product for you. Today, I’d like to introduce you to Panzer Art’s 1/35 scale StuG IV Casemate w/ Concrete Armour. Panz...
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Final Touches: Tamiya 1/35 Scale German Wehrmacht Mounted Infantry Set
If you are looking for a relatively inexpensive way to add depth and detail to your future modeling projects, I highly recommend looking at Tamiya’s 1/35 scale Wehrmacht mounted infantry set, a classic scale figure that is easily available for any and all modelers to purchase. The set includes thr...
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New Release: Dragon Models 1/35 Scale 10.5cm K.Pz.Sfl. IV Ausf. A "Dicker Max" Kit
In mid-October of this year, Dragon released a brand new, 1/35 scale rendition of the… uh… one second… …10.5cm Kurz Gepanzerte Selbstfahrlafette IV Ausführung A, also known as the “Dicker Max”. For obvious reasons, I will be referring to the vehicle as the Dicker Max for the rest of the...
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New Release: IBG 1/72 Scale MiG-29 in Polish Air Force (Early Service)
Recently, IBG released a brand new, 1/72 rendition of the iconic MiG-29, a fourth-generation jet fighter designed by the Mikoyan-Gurevich Design Bureau. The kit contains a variety of new features that are sure to pique any scale modeler’s interest, in addition to a fantastic set of decals that wil...
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AK Interactive's 2022 Pre-BLAK Friday Sale
AK Interactive is offering up a selection of Pre-Black Friday deals with its Pre-BLAK Friday sale. Now through November 17, 2022, you can save on a selection of products from MIG Productions, Dragon, Nuts Planet, Quick Wheel, and others. You can take 25% off select products from MIG Productions and ...
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Final Touches: ICM 1:35 Scale Finnish Riflemen (Winter 1940)
If you are searching for high-quality, 1:35 scale figures for a Winter War-based model or diorama, I have the perfect product for you. Today I’d like to introduce you to a unique set of scale figures produced by ICM that portray several Finnish soldiers as they would have looked in the winter of 1...
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Final Touches: The Bodi 1/48 Scale U.S. Tankers Figure Set
In The Bodi’s catalog, there lies the perfect accessory for 1/48 scale U.S. AFV kits and dioramas. This fantastic product will be a great addition to any American-based AFV models from the mid to late 1940s and will provide your projects with a touch of extra realism. Today, I’d like to introduc...
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Coming Soon: Heller 1:35 Scale Gepard Kit
Recently, Heller announced that it will soon be releasing a brand new, 1:35 scale rendition of the Flakpanzer Gepard, an iconic Cold War-era German SPAA vehicle. Heller’s new Gepard uses molds from a 1975 rendition of a 1:35 scale Gepard, however uses improved materials and tooling, making it much...
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