October 2, 2021
  |  By: Tim Gluth

AK Introduces a JoseDavinci Signature Set of Acrylics

If you're looking for a new set of colors for painting miniatures or figurines, AK has announced a new Signature Set (#AK11757) featuring a selection of colors from professional model and miniature painter, JoseDavinci.

This set features 18 colors that have been curated by JoseDavinci specifically for use with miniatures. The paints are from AK's 3rd-generation acrylic paint line and feature colors ranging from Ivory and Black to Sunny Skin Tone, Violet Red, and others.

The signature set packaging features a beautiful illustration of figures and characters that utilize the colors from the set. If you're looking for a set of mainly warm-toned paints, this is worth checking out.

To learn more about the JoseDavinci Signature Set of acrylic paints, visit ak-interactive.com.

Image credit: AK

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