November 7, 2021
  |  By: Tim Gluth

AK Announces its Third-Generation Air Series of Acrylics

AK has announced its third generation of Air Series acrylic paints, explicitly formulated for aircraft models of all sizes. This new paint lineup can be used with a standard brush or airbrush and feature colors and shades found on authentic, 1:1 military aircraft throughout history.

With 120 colors to choose from, the 3GEN Air Series includes colors for British, German, and United States World War I and World War II aircraft, along with colors used during the Spanish Civil War. If you're a military history enthusiast, this is one paint lineup that's worth looking into.

You can purchase AK's 3GEN Air Series paints through various groupings, including a "Full Range" pack. To learn more about this aircraft-focused acrylic paint line, visit

Image credit: AK

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