New Release: Airfix 1:35 Scale Panzer III Ausf. J Kit

Recently, Airfix released an all new rendition of the iconic Panzer III Ausf. J in 1:35 scale. The kit features a number of detailed parts, all of which are crafted from high quality plastics. The kit is rated a level 3 on Airfix’s skill level chart. This means that this kit is best suited for intermediate modelers and may pose a challenge for beginners.

Also featured in the kit is a number of decals which allow for two variations of markings for your Panzer III, both of which are very detailed and will add a lot of colour and contrast to your finished kit. When completed, the kit is rather compact, measuring in at around 16x7.5,8.3 centimeters.

If you are interested in learning more about or purchasing Airfix’s brand new 1:35 scale Panzer III Ausf. J, I highly recommend that you visit Airfix’s website where you can find the product listed for around $53.99/45.99 pounds.

Happy Modeling!

Image credit: Airfix

Das Werk Models Panzer III Ausf. J 3-in-1 Kit

Das Werk Models recently announced the upcoming release of their new 1/16 scale 3 in 1 Panzer III Ausf. J, which is expected to be available in the Spring of 2022. From what I have seen and heard, this new 1/16 Panzer III seems to be quite promising as it comes with a lot of interesting features that aren’t seen on most models.

The 3-in-1 Panzer III Ausf. J will include workable tracks and suspension in addition to parts/decals to make one of three versions. These different versions are able to have either a long or short-barreled 5cm gun, an option to apply add-on armor, and an option to build either the standard Panzer III or the DAK version used by the Germans in North Africa.

I am looking forward to this release and will be keeping an eye out for updates. If you would like to stay updated about this kit or other Das Werk Models products, visit

Image credit: Das Werk