Coming Soon: MiniArt 1:35 StuH 42 Ausf. G Mid Prod. Jul-Oct. 1943

MiniArt recently announced that it would soon be releasing a 1:35 rendition of the StuH 42 Ausf. G, the mid-production version, which was produced from July to October of 1943, to be more precise. The kit features tooling from 2021 with an addition of parts from 2022 and 2023 as well. Both plastic and photo-etch parts are included with the kit, both of which are molded in incredible detail. The plastic pieces feature realistic metal textures and weld lines, which works to enhance the realism of the finished model. Clear plastic parts are also included in the kit.

In terms of additional detailing, the kit comes with individual track links, poseable hatches, optional side skirts, and a variety of decals, which allow for a total of six marking schemes. The decals can be used to create markings for vehicles that served on both the Eastern Front and in Italy during 1943. Colored instructions for creating paint and marking schemes are also included with the kit.

If you would like to access detailed photographs and more information about MiniArt’s upcoming 1:35 StuH 42 Ausf. G Mid Prod. Jul-Oct. 1943, I highly recommend taking a look at both MiniArt’s website and ScaleMates. If you are interested in purchasing the kit, consider pre-ordering from Plastmodel for only €49,57

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Image Credits: MiniArt

Final Touches: MiniArt 1:35 IDF Tank Crew

If you are looking for an easy and cost effective way to add detail to any Israeli armour model or diorama, perhaps you should consider purchasing ICM’s 1:35 IDF Tank Crew figure set. The set itself includes four 1:35 tank crewman figures with historically accurate uniforms and wonderfully molded details. Three male and one female tank crewman are included in the set. Each figure also has a unique pose, allowing for a variety of mounting positions to your model or diorama. Some assembly of the figures is required.

If you are interested in purchasing MiniArt’s 1:35 IDF Tank Crew, consider purchasing from any of the following retailers: Sprue Brother Models ($13.99 USD), Hobbylinc ($15.79 USD), BNA Model World ($12.97 USD), and MegaHobby ($18.89). To learn more and find high quality images and specs regarding this model set, I highly recommend visiting both MiniArt’s website and Scalemates

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Image credit: MiniArt

Final Touches: MiniArt 1:35 Scale Anti-Tank Obstacles Set

If you are a scale modeler looking to spice up your current or future WWII dioramas, I have the perfect product for you! Today, I’d like to introduce you to MiniArt’s 1:35 scale Anti-Tank Obstacles set.

Like all other MiniArt products, these miniature obstacles are crafted from high quality materials and come stocked with excellent details that will set your projects apart from all of the rest. The kit itself contains a total of 12 anti-tank obstacles which are made up of 36 parts. The construction of these obstacles are very easy and will result in a very realistic looking scale prop.

If you are interested in learning more about or purchasing MiniArt’s fantastic 1:35 scale Anti-Tank Obstacles, I highly recommend visiting, or wherever MiniArt products are sold.

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Image credit: MiniArt

Final Touches: MiniArt 1:35 German SPG Crew

Hello fellow modelers! If you’re currently looking for something to spice up your next scale model or diorama project, I have just the thing for you. Today, I’d like to cover the 1:35 scale German SPG Crew from MiniArt.

MiniArt’s 1:35 scale German SPG crew is an easy way to add a touch of realism to your scale model projects. Made from high quality materials, and also including a number of small decals, this item can change your models and dioramas from good to great.

The set includes 4 scale figurines, decals, scale tank shells, scale ammo boxes, scale firearms, as well as a number of scale accessories to outfit your mini SPG crew with. All of these features are highly detailed and produced, something that MiniArt continues to do well.

If you are interested in purchasing or learning more about MiniArt’s 1:35 scale German SPG Crew, I highly recommend checking out MiniArt’s website. Also found here are many other high quality products that I recommend to anyone interested in the hobby of scale modeling.

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Image credit: MiniArt

Coming Soon: MiniArt 1/35-scale Yugoslav Wars T-34/85 Kit

MiniArt recently announced that it is working on a new 1/35-scale rendition of the T-34/85 based around the Yugoslav Wars. This is something that many modelers will be looking forward to as the Yugoslav Wars are a topic that is avoided by most major modeling companies, and finding a designated Yugoslav Wars scale kit is very difficult.

From what has been released thus far, it appears that the kit is going to be molded with durable high quality plastics in addition to a number of photo-etched parts. According to the statement MiniArt released, the kit is going to feature plastic parts that accurately display weld lines and metal surfaces, something that I’m sure will add a lot of extra detail to the finished product.

The hatches that are included with the T-34/85 can be posed either open or closed, therefore it will be possible to add 1/35-scale figurines to your build. It should also be mentioned that in addition to the previously mentioned features, MiniArt’s Yugoslav Wars T-34/85 will also include individual track links which will allow for more accurately depicted tracks.

In regards to paint and marking schemes, the MiniArt Yugoslav Wars T-34/85 is going to come with decals for 5 different vehicle variations. These include 1 Bosnian T-34/85, 1 Serbian T-34/85, 1 Croatian T-34/85, and 2 Yugoslavian T-34/85s.

I am really looking forward to the release of MiniArt’s 1/35-scale T-34/85 Yugoslav Wars scale model set and will be keeping an eye out for a release date. If you want to learn more about this kit, visit

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Image credit: MiniArt

MiniArt Ukrainian 1/35-scale BTR-4E IFV Kit

MiniArt recently announced that it is going to be releasing a 1/35-scale rendition of the Ukrainian BTR-4E IFV, a vehicle that has been in the spotlight during the current events in Ukraine. The model kit appears to be of very high quality, something that it shares with many of MiniArt’s products.

No release date or price has been released for this product yet, so keep an eye out. If you want to learn more about this product, I encourage you to visit

If you're a fan of military armor models, I also suggest checking out other kit options from MiniArt, as they produce many high-quality products suited for all scale modelers.

Image credit: MiniArt

MiniArt 1/35-scale T-54-1 Kit

Recently, MiniArt released its 1/35-scale T-54-1 Mod. 1946 Interior Kit. Out of all of the kits that I’ve seen during my short career in scale modeling, MiniArt’s T-54-1 Interior Kit is one of the most impressive.

The kit features a fully detailed interior that includes the hull, turret, and engine compartment. MiniArt’s T-54-1 is made up of an astounding 1,053 pieces which are a mix between plastic and photoetched parts. Decals for four variations of the model are also included with the kit. 

It should also be noted that hatches can be posed open or closed. In addition, a 1:35 scale V-54 engine and a full color instruction manual are included.

This kit is recommended for more seasoned modelers due to its complexity so newer modelers should be warned. If you are interested in purchasing the kit or finding more information, you can check out MiniArt’s website or our Amazon affiliate link.

Image credit: MiniArt

MiniArt 1/35-scale Soviet T-44M Medium Tank Kit

MiniArt has recently released a 1/35 scale rendition of the Soviet T-44M medium tank. This relatively obscure vehicle is shown a great amount of respect by MiniArt as it is beautifully rendered and has great detail for a 1:35 scale kit.

The 1:35 T-44M is part of MiniArt’s "Military Miniatures 1/35" collection and includes a number of unique and helpful features. This kit includes workable tracks and torsion bars, fully detailed fighting compartment interior, a scale V-54 engine, decals that allow for 4 variations of the T-44M, a full color instruction manual, and much more!

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For more information about the MiniArt Soviet T-44M 1/35-scale kit, visit Have a great day and keep on modeling!

Image credit: MiniArt