New Release: Italeri 1:72 Battle of Normandy Sainte-Mère-Eglise 6 June 1944

Italeri recently released a 1:72 battle set inspired by the events of June 6th, 1944. On this day members from both the 82nd and 101st Airborne Divisions fought against German occupying forces in the town of Sainte-Mère-Eglise. The battle set faithfully recreates the battle that took place, with a highly detailed church as well as a scale figure depicting John Steele, the paratrooper whose parachute caught on the top of the church during the airborne landings.

A total of one church building, one Sd.Kfz. 251/1, 50 German infantry, 48 American paratroopers, and 16 urban accessories are included with the battle set. The Sd.Kfz 251/1 is a simplified quick assembly kit, so extreme amounts of detail should not be expected. Decals and markings for the church building, half-track, and urban accessories also come with the kit and can be used to give more detail to the builds featured in the kit.

If you are interested in learning more about or finding detailed specifications and photographs of Italeri’s new 1:72 Battle of Normandy Sainte-Mère-Eglise 6 June 1944, I highly recommend visiting both Italeri’s website and Scalemates. If you are interested in purchasing the kit itself, I highly recommend purchasing from any of the following retailers: Italeri (€73,00), Hobbylinc ($90.29), Hobbyland (€62,00), Der Sockelshop (€73,58).

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Image Credits: Italeri

New Release: Italeri 1:48 Scale RF-4E Phantom II Kit

Recently, Italeri released an all new 1:48 scale rendition of the RF-4E Phantom II, an improved reconnaissance version of the iconic F-4 Phantom II fighter aircraft. Italeri’s new kit is full of fantastic features that we will soon go over, and will be a great addition to any scale model collection.

One of the most notable features of the kit is the durable and detailed plastic components. Like many other Italeri kits, all parts of the kit are crafted from high quality materials, most of which are molded from plastic. Pieces are easy to assemble and are molded well with minimal amounts of flash and mold lines.

It should also be noted that the kit itself is labeled a ‘level 3’ on Italeri’s skill level chart, and therefore is best suited for intermediate modelers. A number of decals are included with the kit and will allow you to create a number of different versions of your vehicle. Some of the versions that can be created allow you to depict your RF-4E in German, Iranian, Israeli, or Turkish service.

If you are interested in learning more about or purchasing Italeri’s all new 1:48 scale RF-4E Phantom II, I highly recommend that you visit Italeri’s website, where you can find this product retailing for around 39 euros.

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Image credit: Italeri

New Release: Italeri 1:35 Pz.Kpfw. IV F1/F2/G Kit

Italeri recently released a 1:35 scale iteration of the iconic Panzer IV. Italeri’s new kit allows you to build one of three variations of the Pz.Kpfw. IV. The set includes parts for the F1, F2, and G variants of the vehicle.

All parts are molded from high quality materials and have an exceptional amount of detail. Also included alongside the tank are a number of German infantryman figures modeled after the infamous Afrika Korps. The kit also features a number of decals for four different paint schemes, however, it is possible to mix and match some of the decals to unlock an even larger variety of options for decaling.

If you are interested in purchasing or learning more about Italeri’s brand new 1:35 scale Pz.Kpfw. IV F1/F2/G with Afrika Korps infantry, you can find the kit available for 37 euros on Italeri’s website. Alternatively, you can also visit your local hobby shop or wherever Italeri products are sold.

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Image credit: Italeri

Italeri 1:35 Scale Panzerjäger 1 Kit

If you’re a modeler interested in WWII German armour, then this article is for you. Today, I’d like to present to you Italeri’s 1:35 scale rendition of the Panzeräger 1. Italeri’s 1:35 scale Panzerjäger 1 is a kit that I am quite a fan of and am looking forward to purchasing.

In regards to detail, the Panzerjäger 1 is probably one of Italeri’s crowning achievements. Every aspect of the kit is detailed to near perfection. Items such as the 47mm gun, photo-etched parts, and crew compartment are modeled very well and make the kit appear to be highly realistic.

In addition to great detail, the kit also includes decals for 4 versions and highly detailed coloured instructions. Good instructions are always a plus for any model kit, as they make the process of building your kit much easier and less stressful. A variety of decals is also a nice addition, as having some extra decals for other kits is always handy.

Overall, I think Italeri did a great job at capturing the essence of the iconic Panzerjäger 1. If you are interested in learning more about or purchasing the kit, it can be found at your local hobby shop or on Italeri’s website for around 31 euros.

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Image credit: Italeri

Final Touch Friday: Italeri Liquid Cement for Plastic

If you’re a new modeler looking for an inexpensive and high-quality modeling glue for your model kits, I would highly recommend Italeri’s Liquid Cement for Plastic. Italeri’s liquid cement comes in small 15ml containers that contain a very effective and high-quality cement that ensures your models will stay whole and will last a very long time.

Italeri sells two versions of their 15ml liquid cement. One version comes with a large brush while the other comes with a fine brush to add smaller parts to your model kits with ease. Italeri sells their liquid cement for around 6 Euros/$6.500. However, at the time of the writing of this article, Italeri has their liquid cement on sale for only 3,50 Euros/$3.79!

You can find Italeri’s liquid cement with either a fine or large brush at Italeri’s website or at your local hobby shop. I hope you have a great day and happy modeling!

Image credit: Italeri

New Model Monday: Italeri 1/72-scale Sd.Kfz. 124 Wespe

Italeri recently released their 1:72 scale Sd.Kfz. 124 Wespe. The kit looks to be of good quality and has a wonderful amount of detail for a 1:72 scale kit. The kit also includes a number of additional excellent features such as two figurines, colored instructions, and synthetic rubber tracks.

The kit also includes decals for four variations of the Wespe, all of which are of very high quality. Italeri rated the Wespe a ‘level 2’ on their difficulty rating system, therefore this kit is recommended for both beginners and veteran modelers. 

I would strongly recommend this kit to any modeler looking for an easy yet high-quality build. If you are interested in purchasing or finding more about Italeri’s new 1:72 Sd.Kfz. 124 Wespe, I encourage you to visit Italeri’s website or your local hobby shop.

Italeri T-62 1/72-scale Kit

One of Italeri’s latest releases is a 1:72 scale rendition of the Soviet T-62 MBT. The Italeri T-62 is a pretty standard kit as far as 1:72 scale kits go. The kit has a good amount of detail and looks to be of good quality.

Italeri has rated the 1:72 T-62 a ‘level 3’ in terms of building difficulty so this kit is geared towards more intermediate modelers. The kit features colored instructions as well as decals for three variations. With the decals given, there is the possibility to style your T-62 as either Soviet or Syrian, however, if you are a more skilled modeler making your own decals or applying decals from other kits shouldn’t be too difficult.

Overall, the kit looks to be quite good and I would recommend any intermediate modeler to consider purchasing it. If you are interested in purchasing or learning more about Italeri’s 1:72 Scale T-62, have a look at Italeri’s website or visit your local hobby shop.

Italeri Sd. Kfz. 234/4 1/72-scale Kit

Italeri has recently unveiled a new kit featuring the Sd. Kfz. 234/4 in 1/72-scale. The Sd. Kfz. 234/4, more commonly known as the “Puma” or “Pak Puma,” is a German armored car that was first introduced in the mid-war period and has become one of the most well-known German AFVs of the Second World War.

This particular variant of the Puma focuses on the Kwk 40, which is a vehicle-oriented modification of the Pak 40. This vehicle was an iconic 75mm anti-tank gun originating from Germany. Italeri’s new kit features one vehicle and three figurines that all feature a great amount of detail.

Italeri's kit also comes with decals that allow for four different versions of the Puma. The kit retails for around $18.00 and can be purchased directly through Italeri and their dealers. Visit to learn more about their Sd. Kfz. 234/4 kit.

Image credit: Italeri