New Release: ICM 1:35 'Kozak-2' Ukrainian MRAP-Class Armoured Vehicle

ICM has very recently released a brand new 1:35 rendition of the Ukrainian ‘Kozak-2’ MRAP-Class Armoured Vehicle, a vehicle that is currently being used by Ukrainian forces in the Russo-Ukrainian War and has proved to be a very successful design. The kit features completely new tooling and parts, in addition to a number of other features.

Included with the kit are a fully detailed interior and exterior composed up of a total of 448 parts, photo-etch and clear plastic parts to add additional detail to the model, highly detailed and easy-to-understand colored instructions, decals for at least four paint schemes, and a painting/decal guide to assist with the decoration of the model kit. Overall, a very good kit, considering its price range.

If you're interested in purchasing ICM’s 1:35 ‘Kozak-2’ MRAP-Class Armoured Vehicle, I highly recommend buying from any of the following retailers: PM-Store ($51.99 USD*), Super-Hobby ($41.91 USD*), and Plastmodel (171,99 PLN*). For more information, including high resolution photographs, model specs, and information about the ‘Kozak-2’; consider visiting both ICM’s website and, where everything listed above can be found.

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Image Credits: ICM

*Prices according to

Final Touches: ICM 1:35 Scale Finnish Riflemen (Winter 1940)

If you are searching for high-quality, 1:35 scale figures for a Winter War-based model or diorama, I have the perfect product for you. Today I’d like to introduce you to a unique set of scale figures produced by ICM that portray several Finnish soldiers as they would have looked in the winter of 1940.

Taking a look at what is included with the kit, we can see that it comes with three Finnish soldiers, all of which are in different poses, as well as reindeer hauling equipment, something that actually occurred quite commonly in the Finn’s war against the Soviet Union. Two of the soldiers are equipped with skis, one with a rifle, and the other equipped with a submachine gun. The last soldier is seen resting, smoking a pipe, and carrying a rifle.

All of the figures included with this set are incredibly detailed and molded from durable and high-quality materials, both of which will allow for enhanced realism when applied to any scale model project you plan on working on. One of the last great features I would like to note is that the uniforms and equipment seen on the figures are almost identical to those used by real Finn’s who defended their homeland bravely in the early 1940s, something that is very helpful when trying to create accurate scale models and dioramas.

If you are interested in learning more about or purchasing ICM’s 1:35 scale Finnish riflemen, I recommend that you visit both and ICM’s website, where additional information regarding the product and where it can be purchased can be found.

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Image credit: ICM

On Sale: ICM’s 1:32 Scale Yak-9K Kit

ICM has recently been holding a sale on a number of their products, including their 1:32 Soviet Yak-9K. ICM’s 1:32 scale Yak-9K is a wonderful 1:32 scale rendition of the iconic Yak-9K and has a number of fantastic features that are exciting to see in any model kit.

To start, the kit features stunning molded plastic parts. Each piece is full of detail and really captures the essence of the rugged Yak-9K. Another interesting feature of the kit is the clear cockpit cover and highly detailed Soviet pilot figure. These features are sure to add an extra sense of immersion to your build. Lastly, I’d like to mention that the kit also comes with waterslide decals that allow for three marking variations.

If you are interested in learning more about or purchasing ICM’s 1:32 scale Yak-9K, I highly recommend that you visit ICM’s website, there you will find more information about the specifications of the kit and where it can be found.

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Image credit: ICM

ICM G7117 1/35-scale Kit

ICM recently announced the release of one of its new scale model kits, that being the ICM 1:35 Scale G7117 U.S. Military Truck. Most military-themed scale model kits are focused around tanks and other armored fighting vehicles making ICM’s new G7117 a nice change of pace for both new and veteran scale modelers. 

The G7117 looks to be of quite high quality from the pictures released by ICM. There also looks to be a good amount of detail for a 1:35 scale kit and is on par with many other highly regarded scale models. 

ICM’s G7117 has 285 pieces and decals for 4 variations of the G7117. If you are interested in purchasing or finding more information about ICM’s new 1:35 Scale G7117 U.S. Military Truck, visit ICM’s website or your local hobby shop.