On Sale: ICM’s 1:32 Scale Yak-9K Kit

ICM has recently been holding a sale on a number of their products, including their 1:32 Soviet Yak-9K. ICM’s 1:32 scale Yak-9K is a wonderful 1:32 scale rendition of the iconic Yak-9K and has a number of fantastic features that are exciting to see in any model kit.

To start, the kit features stunning molded plastic parts. Each piece is full of detail and really captures the essence of the rugged Yak-9K. Another interesting feature of the kit is the clear cockpit cover and highly detailed Soviet pilot figure. These features are sure to add an extra sense of immersion to your build. Lastly, I’d like to mention that the kit also comes with waterslide decals that allow for three marking variations.

If you are interested in learning more about or purchasing ICM’s 1:32 scale Yak-9K, I highly recommend that you visit ICM’s website, there you will find more information about the specifications of the kit and where it can be found.

Happy modeling!

Image credit: ICM