ICM G7117 1/35-scale Kit

ICM recently announced the release of one of its new scale model kits, that being the ICM 1:35 Scale G7117 U.S. Military Truck. Most military-themed scale model kits are focused around tanks and other armored fighting vehicles making ICM’s new G7117 a nice change of pace for both new and veteran scale modelers. 

The G7117 looks to be of quite high quality from the pictures released by ICM. There also looks to be a good amount of detail for a 1:35 scale kit and is on par with many other highly regarded scale models. 

ICM’s G7117 has 285 pieces and decals for 4 variations of the G7117. If you are interested in purchasing or finding more information about ICM’s new 1:35 Scale G7117 U.S. Military Truck, visit ICM’s website or your local hobby shop.