Review: Revell 1/100-scale Snap-Tite Harrier GR7

During a recent trip to my local hobby shop, I came across Revell’s 1/100-scale Snap-Tite Harrier GR7 for around $8. Not wanting to pass up the opportunity for an affordable kit, I brought the Harrier home with me and found it to be a very easy and enjoyable kit to build.

Despite its low cost, there were no real issues I found with the kit. Like most Revell scale models, the Harrier was produced with high-quality materials and the comprehensive instruction manual was easy to follow and understand.

I appreciated that this kit was pre-painted and had many of the small insignias applied right out of the box. While I enjoy painting and adding details to my kits, weather can make painting tricky, especially in the winter.

I highly recommend this kit to any beginner to intermediate-scale modeler or wargaming enthusiast as it is an easy and affordable kit that can be assembled quickly that will still look good on the shelf or in a diorama.

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If you are interested in purchasing the Revell 1/100 Scale Snap-Tite Harrier GR7 for yourself, it's available on Amazon and in many hobby shops.

I hope you found this review to be helpful and hope to see you again soon!

Review: GoatGun's 1/3-scale Mini SVD Sniper Rifle

What to say about GoatGun’s 1/3-scale Mini SVD? Well for starters, GoatGuns has done a wonderful job recreating a scaled-down version of the SVD Dragunov. Designed in 1/3-scale, this model packs in plenty of realistic details that are derived from the full-size SVD.

Some of the true-to-life features you’ll find in this kit are a moving trigger, bolt, and selector switch. The model also features a removable magazine that comes with 3 rounds, a neat feature that isn’t often seen with scale model firearms. 

Fit, Finish, and Assembly

The construction of the model is of very high quality. The model is made from diecast metal and once completed, will hold together quite well. I found the instructions that came with the Mini SVD to be very easy to follow, giving clear and detailed visuals on how to assemble the model using the screws and screwdriver provided with the kit.

Despite its great features, this Mini SVD model kit does have some small issues that I encountered during my build. One of the main concerns that I have is regarding the selector switch. When moved too much, it will become loose and spin freely around the receiver. Another issue that I noticed was that the front sight was misaligned with the rear sights, and was slightly bent. However, this could just be a defect with the kit that I purchased.

The Final Verdict

Overall, I would say that GoatGun did a fantastic job recreating the SVD Dragunov in 1/3-scale. I found that the model was an easy day build that was quite fun and relaxing to put together. In addition to the model, the kit also comes with a number of stickers and decals that would look great on any water bottle or laptop to show your GoatGun pride.

The GoatGun Mini SVD Sniper Rifle model kit can be purchased from a number of retailers for around $39.99.

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Review: Pegasus Hobbies 1/72-scale JS-2 Soviet Heavy Tank Kit

Pegasus Hobbies 1/72 Scale JS-2 Soviet Heavy Tank is one of my favorite kits that I've built during my scale modeling career. The kit comes with two vehicles, both of which have an acceptable amount of detail in addition to simple construction. I found that the kit was very easy to assemble and manages to retain great detail in 1/72-scale, considering the model’s minimal part count.

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The kit comes with two 1/72 scale DShK heavy machine guns in addition to other accessories, including a shovel and saw that add detail and personality to your miniature armored vehicle. The kit requires very little time to assemble and is a great weekend project for any scale modeler or wargaming player, no matter their experience level in the hobby.

Overall, the kit is very good for its price; however, I had some issues when assembling my model. I found that one of the track and wheel assemblies would not fit into the side of the hull correctly without modification, in addition to some small gaps where parts of the turret were glued together; however, these are all minor issues that can easily be fixed.

The Pegasus Hobbies 1/72 Scale JS-2 Soviet Heavy Tank is priced under $20.00 and is a kit that I would recommend to any beginning modeler looking to get their start in the hobby of scale modeling. I look forward to reviewing more of Pegasus Hobbies’ kits in the future and believe they are easy yet detailed builds that can be added to any modeler’s or wargamer’s collection for an affordable price.

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