New Release: Italeri 1:72 Battle of Normandy Sainte-Mère-Eglise 6 June 1944

Italeri recently released a 1:72 battle set inspired by the events of June 6th, 1944. On this day members from both the 82nd and 101st Airborne Divisions fought against German occupying forces in the town of Sainte-Mère-Eglise. The battle set faithfully recreates the battle that took place, with a highly detailed church as well as a scale figure depicting John Steele, the paratrooper whose parachute caught on the top of the church during the airborne landings.

A total of one church building, one Sd.Kfz. 251/1, 50 German infantry, 48 American paratroopers, and 16 urban accessories are included with the battle set. The Sd.Kfz 251/1 is a simplified quick assembly kit, so extreme amounts of detail should not be expected. Decals and markings for the church building, half-track, and urban accessories also come with the kit and can be used to give more detail to the builds featured in the kit.

If you are interested in learning more about or finding detailed specifications and photographs of Italeri’s new 1:72 Battle of Normandy Sainte-Mère-Eglise 6 June 1944, I highly recommend visiting both Italeri’s website and Scalemates. If you are interested in purchasing the kit itself, I highly recommend purchasing from any of the following retailers: Italeri (€73,00), Hobbylinc ($90.29), Hobbyland (€62,00), Der Sockelshop (€73,58).

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Image Credits: Italeri

Coming Soon: MiniArt 1:35 StuH 42 Ausf. G Mid Prod. Jul-Oct. 1943

MiniArt recently announced that it would soon be releasing a 1:35 rendition of the StuH 42 Ausf. G, the mid-production version, which was produced from July to October of 1943, to be more precise. The kit features tooling from 2021 with an addition of parts from 2022 and 2023 as well. Both plastic and photo-etch parts are included with the kit, both of which are molded in incredible detail. The plastic pieces feature realistic metal textures and weld lines, which works to enhance the realism of the finished model. Clear plastic parts are also included in the kit.

In terms of additional detailing, the kit comes with individual track links, poseable hatches, optional side skirts, and a variety of decals, which allow for a total of six marking schemes. The decals can be used to create markings for vehicles that served on both the Eastern Front and in Italy during 1943. Colored instructions for creating paint and marking schemes are also included with the kit.

If you would like to access detailed photographs and more information about MiniArt’s upcoming 1:35 StuH 42 Ausf. G Mid Prod. Jul-Oct. 1943, I highly recommend taking a look at both MiniArt’s website and ScaleMates. If you are interested in purchasing the kit, consider pre-ordering from Plastmodel for only €49,57

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Image Credits: MiniArt

New Release: Eduard 1/48 Bristol F.2B Fighter

Eduard has recently released a number of kits in their new 2023 September lineup, including a new 1/48 scale iteration of the Bristol F.2B Fighter. Eduard’s new Bristol F.2B Fighter includes tooling from 2005 with an addition of new parts added in 2015 and a variety of waterslide decals that are new and exclusive to this kit. 

The parts included with the kit are molded from light gray plastic and do not include any resin materials. Four paint/marking schemes can be created with the decals included with the kit, and all depict the aircraft in RFC (Royal Flying Corps) service. There are a number of fairly small and complicated parts in this kit, so it may not be suited for modelers who are just getting into the hobby.

If you are interested in learning more about Eduard’s new 1/48 Bristol F.2B Fighter, I highly recommend visiting both Eduard’s website and, where additional information and high-resolution photographs of the kit can be found. If you are interested in purchasing the kit, it can be found at a number of online retailers, including Eduard ($29.95 USD), Super-Hobby ($25.13 USD), and Berliner Zinnfiguren (18,05 €). 

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Image Credits: Eduard

AK Interactive's 2022 Pre-BLAK Friday Sale

AK Interactive is offering up a selection of Pre-Black Friday deals with its Pre-BLAK Friday sale. Now through November 17, 2022, you can save on a selection of products from MIG Productions, Dragon, Nuts Planet, Quick Wheel, and others.

You can take 25% off select products from MIG Productions and MasterClub, 35% off products from Fujimi, MJ Miniatures, Quick Wheel, Dragon, Peko, Draco Ideas, FineMolds, Nuts Planet, and Bronco Models, and 40% off items from Nocturna Models and Eureka XXL.

To view all of the items available during the AK Interactive Pre-BLAK Friday sale, visit

Image credit: AK Interactive

Coming Soon: Heller 1:35 Scale Leclerc T5/T6 Kit

Recently, Heller announced that it will soon be releasing a brand new 1:35 scale rendition of the French Leclerc T5/T6 MBT. Not much information has been released thus far; however, a variety of basic information about what the kit will feature can be found on the box art.

According to the information found on the box, it appears that Heller’s new Leclerc MBT will feature parts to construct either the T5 or T6 variants of the vehicle. A number of other exciting features will also come with the kit, some of which include rubber tracks, clear plastic parts, photo-etched parts, and waterslide decals for a variety of paint schemes for your new model.

The release date for Heller’s 1:35 scale Leclerc T5/56 is currently unknown; however, it has been mentioned that the kit will retail for around 39.99 euros. If you are interested in learning more about Heller’s Leclerc T5/T6, I encourage you to visit Heller’s website.

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New Release: Italeri 1:35 Pz.Kpfw. IV F1/F2/G Kit

Italeri recently released a 1:35 scale iteration of the iconic Panzer IV. Italeri’s new kit allows you to build one of three variations of the Pz.Kpfw. IV. The set includes parts for the F1, F2, and G variants of the vehicle.

All parts are molded from high quality materials and have an exceptional amount of detail. Also included alongside the tank are a number of German infantryman figures modeled after the infamous Afrika Korps. The kit also features a number of decals for four different paint schemes, however, it is possible to mix and match some of the decals to unlock an even larger variety of options for decaling.

If you are interested in purchasing or learning more about Italeri’s brand new 1:35 scale Pz.Kpfw. IV F1/F2/G with Afrika Korps infantry, you can find the kit available for 37 euros on Italeri’s website. Alternatively, you can also visit your local hobby shop or wherever Italeri products are sold.

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Image credit: Italeri

Show Off Your Scale Modeling Skills During HobbyTown's 2022 National Model Contest

Fall not only marks the return of pumpkin spiced everything, but it's also the arrival of HobbyTown's 2022 National Model Contest. Between October 1, 2022 and November 30, 2022, participating HobbyTown stores will host their own local model contests, allowing winners from those shows to progress to the national arena.

The 2022 National Model Contest categories include:

The National Model Contest winners from 2021 showcased creativity, ingenuity, and plenty of visual detail. If you'd like to enter this year's contest and want to find a local HobbyTown store, visit

Image credit: HobbyTown

Final Touches: MiniArt 1:35 German SPG Crew

Hello fellow modelers! If you’re currently looking for something to spice up your next scale model or diorama project, I have just the thing for you. Today, I’d like to cover the 1:35 scale German SPG Crew from MiniArt.

MiniArt’s 1:35 scale German SPG crew is an easy way to add a touch of realism to your scale model projects. Made from high quality materials, and also including a number of small decals, this item can change your models and dioramas from good to great.

The set includes 4 scale figurines, decals, scale tank shells, scale ammo boxes, scale firearms, as well as a number of scale accessories to outfit your mini SPG crew with. All of these features are highly detailed and produced, something that MiniArt continues to do well.

If you are interested in purchasing or learning more about MiniArt’s 1:35 scale German SPG Crew, I highly recommend checking out MiniArt’s website. Also found here are many other high quality products that I recommend to anyone interested in the hobby of scale modeling.

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Image credit: MiniArt

Coming Soon: Atlantis 1/48 Scale Japanese Medium Tank Chi-Ha Kit

Atlantis recently announced that it will soon be releasing their own 1:48 scale rendition of the Type 97 Chi-Ha. Atlantis states that its 1:48 scale Chi-Ha will be of high quality material and come from Aurora tooling. Atlantis also states that its new kit in progress will also come with a decal sheet, detailed instructions, 4 figurines, and rubber tracks.

The Atlantis 1:48 scale Chi-Ha is rated as a level 2 and therefore will be a great kit for beginner modelers. I’m really excited about the upcoming release of this set and highly recommend you consider purchasing one.

If you would like to learn more about Atlantis’s 1:48 scale Japanese Medium Tank Chi-Ha, I suggest you take a look at Atlantis’s website. The kit is scheduled for release on October 30th of this year. However, if you are interested, it is also currently available for preorder for the respectable price of $19.99.

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Image credit: Atlantis

Coming Soon: IGB 1:72 Scale A10 Mk.1 British Cruiser Tank Kit

IGB has recently hinted at the release of a brand new 1:72 scale iteration of the A10 Mk.1 British Cruiser Tank kit. Not much information has been released, however we for sure know that the kit should be released sometime this year and will be a part of IGB’s ‘The World at War’ collection.

If you are interested in learning more about the release of this product, I highly recommend to check out IGB’s website where you can find the IGB 1:72 scale A10 Mk.1 British Cruiser Tank in a section titled ‘COMING SOON!’, which can be found at the upper left corner of the home page.

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Image credit: IGB