Final Touches: The Bodi 1/48 Scale U.S. Tankers Figure Set

In The Bodi’s catalog, there lies the perfect accessory for 1/48 scale U.S. AFV kits and dioramas. This fantastic product will be a great addition to any American-based AFV models from the mid to late 1940s and will provide your projects with a touch of extra realism. Today, I’d like to introduce you to The Bodi’s 1/48 scale U.S. Tankers Figure Set.

The set itself contains two U.S. tanker figurines, both of which are crafted from resin. They are both posed upright in a resting position, and each weigh about 10 grams. Their stature is perfect for dioramas depicting encampments, repair shops, and armoured convoys at rest.

If you are interested in learning more about or purchasing The Bodi’s 1/48 U.S. Tankers Set, I highly recommend that you visit both The Bodi’s website and These both feature additional information and offer ways to purchase this product. In regards to price, this U.S. tankers set can be purchased directly from The Bodi for around 19 euros.

Happy Modeling!

Image credit: The Bodi

Final Touches: AK 1/35 Scale IDF Accessories

If you are a modeler working on a Cold War-era Israeli-based model or diorama, I have the perfect product for you, AK Interactive’s 1/35 scale IDF Accessories. This kit is a fantastic addition to any scale model enthusiast’s collection of scale accessories and will add a touch of realism to any scale project you’re working on.

The accessory set itself contains a wide variety of scale plastic props, some of which include weapons, tools, boxes, and food items. Also included in the set are a number of decals for detailing and styling certain props, as well as a number of paper maps and newspapers.

In total, the accessory set comes with around 50 scale props, all of which are highly detailed and accurately modeled after 1970’s and 1980’s Israeli military equipment. I highly recommend this product to anyone looking to make accurate models and dioramas, as it is a sure way to spice up your future projects.

If you are interested in learning more about or purchasing AK Interactive’s 1/35 scale IDF accessory set, I urge you to visit AK’s website, where you can currently find it retailing for around 14.95 euros.

Image credit: AK

Final Touches: MiniArt 1:35 Scale Anti-Tank Obstacles Set

If you are a scale modeler looking to spice up your current or future WWII dioramas, I have the perfect product for you! Today, I’d like to introduce you to MiniArt’s 1:35 scale Anti-Tank Obstacles set.

Like all other MiniArt products, these miniature obstacles are crafted from high quality materials and come stocked with excellent details that will set your projects apart from all of the rest. The kit itself contains a total of 12 anti-tank obstacles which are made up of 36 parts. The construction of these obstacles are very easy and will result in a very realistic looking scale prop.

If you are interested in learning more about or purchasing MiniArt’s fantastic 1:35 scale Anti-Tank Obstacles, I highly recommend visiting, or wherever MiniArt products are sold.

Happy Modeling!

Image credit: MiniArt

Final Touch Friday: AK Punching Leaves Sheet Set

If you’re a scale modeler looking for something to spice up your next diorama, look no further than AK Interactive’s Punching Leaves Sheet Set. With AK’s Punching Leaves Sheet Set, you will be able to spruce up your dioramas with beautifully colored and textured leaves of various colors.

The set contains 4 sheets, each one a different color. They are double printed and are compatible with any die cutter. These sheets can be used to create leaves for any scale, however, 1:35 scale is what is recommended for best results.

If you are interested in purchasing AK Interactive’s Punching Leaves Sheet Set, you can find it on AK’s Website for $3.71. Keep on modeling!

Decorate Your Diorama with 1/35-scale Laser-cut Wooden Boxes from AK

AK has added a new series of scale elements to its lineup in the form of Laser Cut Wooden Boxes. These wooden box/Europallet kits allow you to build, paint, and weather your scale details to give even more life to your diorama or model display.

Each box and pallet kit includes wooden sheets containing pre-cut assembly parts. After cutting these parts loose, you can quickly assemble, glue, and detail them to meet your needs.

AK 1/35-scale Laser Cut Wooden Box and Pallet Series:

To learn more about these 1/35-scale wooden box and pallet kits, visit

Image credit: AK

AK Releases a Seasonal Series of 2mm Grass Flock

If you're designing a diorama to display your latest scale model creation, AK has released a new series of seasonal 2mm Grass Flock to help you bring things closer to reality.

This nylon flock is available in 250ml jars and will allow you to add realistic detail to your diorama or model build. The color options available include Spring, Summer, Early Fall, Late Fall, and Dry.

To learn more about AK's 2mm Grass Flock series, visit

Image credit: AK