New Release: Italeri 1:72 Battle of Normandy Sainte-Mère-Eglise 6 June 1944

Italeri recently released a 1:72 battle set inspired by the events of June 6th, 1944. On this day members from both the 82nd and 101st Airborne Divisions fought against German occupying forces in the town of Sainte-Mère-Eglise. The battle set faithfully recreates the battle that took place, with a highly detailed church as well as a scale figure depicting John Steele, the paratrooper whose parachute caught on the top of the church during the airborne landings.

A total of one church building, one Sd.Kfz. 251/1, 50 German infantry, 48 American paratroopers, and 16 urban accessories are included with the battle set. The Sd.Kfz 251/1 is a simplified quick assembly kit, so extreme amounts of detail should not be expected. Decals and markings for the church building, half-track, and urban accessories also come with the kit and can be used to give more detail to the builds featured in the kit.

If you are interested in learning more about or finding detailed specifications and photographs of Italeri’s new 1:72 Battle of Normandy Sainte-Mère-Eglise 6 June 1944, I highly recommend visiting both Italeri’s website and Scalemates. If you are interested in purchasing the kit itself, I highly recommend purchasing from any of the following retailers: Italeri (€73,00), Hobbylinc ($90.29), Hobbyland (€62,00), Der Sockelshop (€73,58).

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Image Credits: Italeri

New Release: Revell 1:72 Panzerhaubitze 2000

Revell has recently released a new rebox of their 1:72 Panzerhaubitze 2000 which was originally released in 2001. This new rebox also includes a number of new decals which differ from the original, allowing for a number of more modern marking schemes. The kit features a total of 130 parts and is recommended for both beginner and advanced modelers.

Highly detailed instructions and guides for construction, painting, and applying decals are also included. The kit features decals for two marking schemes. One depicts the Panzerhaubitze 2000 in service with the German Panzerartillerielehrbattaillon 325 in addition to a marking scheme which depicts the vehicle in Ukrainian service. The German version is based around markings seen around 2011 while the Ukrainian version depicts markings from 2022-2023.

For more information about Revell’s new 1:72 Panzerhaubitze 2000, visit both Revell’s website and Scalemates, where detailed photographs and specifications can be found. If you are interested in purchasing the kit, consider purchasing from any of the following retailers: Revell (€18,99), Der Sockelshop (€15,98), Tasmodelshop (€17,95), and Car-model-kit (€17,92).

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Image Credits: Revell

New Release: Eduard 1/48 Bristol F.2B Fighter

Eduard has recently released a number of kits in their new 2023 September lineup, including a new 1/48 scale iteration of the Bristol F.2B Fighter. Eduard’s new Bristol F.2B Fighter includes tooling from 2005 with an addition of new parts added in 2015 and a variety of waterslide decals that are new and exclusive to this kit. 

The parts included with the kit are molded from light gray plastic and do not include any resin materials. Four paint/marking schemes can be created with the decals included with the kit, and all depict the aircraft in RFC (Royal Flying Corps) service. There are a number of fairly small and complicated parts in this kit, so it may not be suited for modelers who are just getting into the hobby.

If you are interested in learning more about Eduard’s new 1/48 Bristol F.2B Fighter, I highly recommend visiting both Eduard’s website and, where additional information and high-resolution photographs of the kit can be found. If you are interested in purchasing the kit, it can be found at a number of online retailers, including Eduard ($29.95 USD), Super-Hobby ($25.13 USD), and Berliner Zinnfiguren (18,05 €). 

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Image Credits: Eduard

New Release: Tamiya 1/24 Lancia Stratos Turbo

Tamiya has recently released a new 1/24 iteration of the Lancia Stratos Turbo, featuring tooling from 1977 alongside new parts introduced this year. The kit showcases a number of advanced features including a detailed interior, the inclusion of a full body figure, as well as steerable front wheels.

Features of the vehicle such as the chin spoiler, roof spoiler, and rear wing are accurately depicted. The kit also includes decals and a painting/decal guide which can be used to create a stunning red and green paint scheme on the vehicle. A variety of sponsorship markings are also included in the kit.

If you are interested in purchasing Tamiya’s new 1:24 Lancia Stratos Turbo, consider buying from some of the following retailers: Tamiya ($37.00 USD), Hobbylinc ($29.19 USD), MegaHobby ($31.45), and Der Sockelshop (€29,25). If you would like detailed photographs, specifications, and more information about this model kit, I recommend visiting both Tamiya’s website and Scalemates.

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Final Touches: MiniArt 1:35 IDF Tank Crew

If you are looking for an easy and cost effective way to add detail to any Israeli armour model or diorama, perhaps you should consider purchasing ICM’s 1:35 IDF Tank Crew figure set. The set itself includes four 1:35 tank crewman figures with historically accurate uniforms and wonderfully molded details. Three male and one female tank crewman are included in the set. Each figure also has a unique pose, allowing for a variety of mounting positions to your model or diorama. Some assembly of the figures is required.

If you are interested in purchasing MiniArt’s 1:35 IDF Tank Crew, consider purchasing from any of the following retailers: Sprue Brother Models ($13.99 USD), Hobbylinc ($15.79 USD), BNA Model World ($12.97 USD), and MegaHobby ($18.89). To learn more and find high quality images and specs regarding this model set, I highly recommend visiting both MiniArt’s website and Scalemates

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Image credit: MiniArt

Coming Soon: Das Werk 1:35 Kanonenjagdpanzer/

Das Werk has recently announced the upcoming release of an all new 1:35 2 in 1 Kanonenjagdpanzer/Beobachtungspanzer scale model kit. Featuring completely new tooling and extravagant detail, this kit is sure to satisfy any serious scale modeler.

The kit will include highly detailed instructions, expertly molded plastic parts which allow for the construction of either the Kanonenjagdpanzer or Beobachtungspanzer, decals for four paint schemes, as well as a painting and decal guide. Also featured in the kit are link & length tracks which will help to simplify the construction of the tracks and running gear of the vehicle.

The kit is set to release in October of this year, however it is currently available for preorder on multiple online stores including: Tasmodelshop (€42,50), HobbyLink Japan ($60.30 USD), and Airdesign.SK (€46,90). If you are interested in learning more about Das Werk’s upcoming 1:35 2 in 1 Kanonenjagdpanzer/Beobachtungspanzer, I highly recommend visiting both Das Werk’s website and

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Image credit: Das Werk

New Release: Heller 1:72 Su-27 UB/P Ukraine

Heller recently released a 1:72 rendition of the Sukhoi Su-27, featuring the same tooling and parts from previous Heller kits but with the addition of modern-day Ukrainian Air Force markings. The kit’s tooling was originally built in 1990, with the addition of extra parts introduced in 1992. 

The kit contains parts for two versions of the Su-27; the Su-27UB, a double-seat fighter/trainer aircraft, and Su-27P, a single-seat fighter. Fully-colored instructions and decals for six marking schemes are also included with the kit. Some of the marking schemes available include markings depicting aircraft from both the 39th Tactical Aviation Brigade and the 831st Tactical Aviation Brigade of the Ukrainian Air Force. 

If you are interested in learning more about Heller’s new 1:72 Su-27 UB/P Ukraine, I highly recommend visiting, where detailed information regarding the kit can be found. The kit is also available for purchase on Heller’s website for 24,99 €.

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Coming Soon: Airfix 1:35 Ferret Scout Car Mk.2

Airfix has recently announced the upcoming release of a brand new 1:35 rendition of the iconic Ferret Scout Car Mk.2. The Ferret, originally developed in the 1950s, saw an extensive service life with Great Britain and dozens of other nations. Its reliable design has allowed the Ferret to serve for over 60 years, all the way up to the current day.

Airfix’s 1:35 Ferret Scout Car Mk.2 has been well anticipated by many armour enthusiasts and is sure to please any scale modeler. The kit will feature all-new tooling and extensive detailing, featuring a detailed interior with seats and control panels. Also featured in the kit are detailed instructions and decals, which will allow you to choose from one of three paint schemes. 

If you are interested in learning more about Airfix’s upcoming 1:35 Ferret Scout Car Mk.2, visit both Airfix’s website and If you are interested in pre-ordering the kit, it is currently available on Airfix’s website for £23.99. As of now, the kit is set to release during Fall of 2023.

Coming Soon: Tamiya 1/48 Dornier Do 335 A Pfeil w/ Kubelwagen Type 82

Recently, Tamiya released information regarding a new scale model set featuring both a 1/48-scale Dornier Do 335 A Pfeil and a 1/48-scale Type 82 Kubelwagen (#25206). The model kit set is made from parts originating from older Tamiya kits, including model number 61074 and model 32501.

The model set includes a number of interesting features, including a budget-friendly price ($46.00) as compared to other kits in Tamiya's lineup as well as a focus on capturing the visual feel of these machine's 1:1 counterparts.

Some of the most notable features found in this kit include three scale figurines that are based around the appearance of WWII German personnel, realistically styled decals, metal nose weights, and detailed plastic parts for the interior and cockpit of both vehicles.

You can learn more about Tamiya's 1/48 Dornier Do 335 A Pfeil w/ Kubelwagen Type 82 on as well as

Image credit: Tamiya

Featured: Trumpeter 1:35 Scale Soviet D-74 122mm Field Gun

If you’re a fan of large Soviet artillery, I have a kit that may pique your interest. I’d like to introduce you all to Trumpeter’s 1:35 scale D-74 122mm Field Gun, a scale replica of a very successful artillery piece produced by the Soviet Union in the 1950s. This appears to be a high-quality kit and features a very large amount of parts, so I recommend that beginners stay away from this kit until they gain more experience.

The kit is very detailed, featuring over 240 parts spread amongst nine sprues. Also found with the kit are several photo-etched detail parts and two rubber tires, items that will help to add an extra level of realism to the model.

When assembled, the kit will be around 303 millimeters long and around 78 millimeters wide. Pretty impressive! This kit’s tooling dates back to around 2014-2015 and still holds up to modern kits.

If you are interested in learning more about Trumpeter’s 1:35 scale D-74 122mm Field Gun, I highly recommend that you visit both Trumpeter’s website and, where additional information regarding kit specifications and where it can be sourced may be found.

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Image credit: Trumpeter